Lights On 10" Stacker Square 42 pieces

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Looking for a monochromatic collection that has unique and interesting set of designs? Well then, look no further than this fabulous collection created by various wonderful designers. Light’s On! has a wonderful and diverse selection of designs from cursive text to warm pretzels and fluttering butterflies to sweet strawberries. You are sure to find inspiration in this tone-on-tone collection.

Collection: Lights On

Prints featured:

C14470-SEEDS - designed by Gerri Robinson

C14471-CRISSCROSS - designed by Simple Simon & Co.

C14472-CONFETTI - designed by Fran Gulick

C14473-TRIANGULATE - designed by Amanda Castor

C14474-SCRIPT - designed by Jill Finley

C14475-HEART - designed by Tasha Noel

C14476-MEASURE - designed by J. Wecker Frisch

C14477-PRETZEL - designed by Christopher Thompson

C14478-SEWTIME - designed by Minki Kim

C14479-PLAID - designed by Amy Smart

C14480-CAT - designed by Amanda Neiderhauser

C14481-RAINBOW - designed by Kristy Lea

C14482-HEXIES - designed by Heather Peterson

C14483-GRANNY - designed by Melanie Collette

C14484-HOMEMADE - designed by Sandy Gervais

C14485-PINKLADY - designed by Beverly McCullough

C14486-SPOOLS - designed by Beverly McCullough

C14487-STRAWBERRIES - designed by Citrus & Mint Designs

C14488-FLUTTER - designed by Citrus & Mint Designs

C14489-CHICKS - designed by Lori Holt

C14490-STITCHES - designed by Lori Holt

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