Custom Fat Quarter Bundles

When it comes to quilting, buying custom fat quarter bundles can save you time, money and the hassle of picking out all kinds of fabric. That’s why Starlit Quilts creates custom bundles to use with your quilting projects. You’ll find the latest, modern fabric designs and quality fabric to be used in your projects and why not save a few for your stash.

You can find our fat quarter bundles offered in the traditional size of 18” x 21”. Choose from one of our countless fabric bundles and enjoy the quality of the 100 percent genuine cotton. Whatever you decide on, we guarantee your quilt will turn out splendidly.

There’s no better place to buy quilt shop quality bundles. We’re constantly restocking and updating our inventory, so check our quilt shop periodically to find new and amazing bundles that will delight you and all your friends!

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